GLADGURU Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a Data-Driven Company, Established with the Sole Motto of Empowering Indian People. From 2018 to 2023 Many things have changed in GGMPL, New Products and services were launched, better Ecosystem but one thing that didn't change a bit is the vision and mission of GGMPL.

GLADGURU provides opportunities to grow with the company, with our variety of services anyone can sharp their skills and attain greater heights of success. Our Products provide 100% returns on purchases. We have a longstanding commitment to the promotion of young talent that demonstrate extraordinary personal and professional performance. We are proud to show India’s First Bamboo Free Aggarbatti.

As a DataBase Company, we also maintain highest level of security and follow privacy norms to protect our clients. We use data driven solutions to enhance our products.

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Shweta Singh

HR Manager

Graduated in Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) from CSJM University, class of 2014. I am a Human Resource Professional with more than 7 years of experience in recruitment, program implementation, technical system & employee analytics. Employee training & development payroll. Now, I got an opportunity as HR Manager in GLADGURU. my free time, I like to explore new things in my free time.

Simranjeet Kaur

Accounts Controller

I am graduated in Bachelor's of Commerce from Delhi University. And, I have 5 years of experience in Accountancy. Now, I am working as an Accounts Controller in GLADGURU. In my free time, I like to listen punjabi songs.

Manisha Gupta

Admin Executive

I have completed my graduation in Bachelor's of Arts from Gargi College under Delhi University. And, I have started my career as a data entry operator and have experience of 4 years in backend team. And from 2021, I am working in GLADGURU as Admin Executive. In my free time, I like to read novels.

Navneet Kaur

Front Desk Executive

I have completed my studies from Arts section and started my first job in GladGuru as Front Desk Executive. Also, I have completed 3 years in this company and looking forward to work more with my GLADGURU family. And, I like to learn new things and gain knowledge.


Franchise Supervisor

I have completed my graduation in B.sc from Agra university. I have 4 years of experience in Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail as a Fashion Assistant. Now I am working as a franchise supervisor in GLADGURU. My hobby is playing & watching Cricket.

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Results Speak

Better Than Words.



I like all the services here, and my favorite service is the Agni app because it is a source of income for me.

Pooja devi


Yeehhhhhh........ Now we can get double benefits 1st is promoting my business and the 2nd is getting 200% cashback on the Advertisement.



The best thing about Gladguru Motorwale seen to is that it provides us with 10 years warranty on the battery.

Satender kumar


This platform gives us such a great opportunity to where we can generate our passive income.

Ritu panwar


I love all the features of scooty. l Like - an automatic key, a reverse gearing, central locking system.

Sameer Kumar


The environment here is very friendly and familiar.

Sunil Kumar


From Agni advertisement I am always getting genuine clients.

G.ram mohan


Super friendly staff, Loved my experience at Gladguru, All services are excellent.

Laxman Singh


Best platform to share our thoughts in publicly.



Truly impressed with how GGMPL works. Everything is perfect here.



I found Gladguru a professional firm with positive environment where you can learn & grow with the growth of the organisation.

Sanjay Sharma


Is is a good experience working with Gladguru. It adds my knowledge as well as skills to deal with people of different attitude.

Naresh Kumar


This is my life changing company & here I am earning as well as growing.



GGMPL offers many services but Agni app is my favourite as I have earned a good amount of incentive through it.

Bhawana Singla


Environment & services of Gladguru is amazing. Also, the seniors & manegement is very supportive & cooperative.



Great leadership, easy to learn new things, career growth.

Manil Singla


All the services provided by GGMPL is unique in its own way . I am very fond of shopping & i love there service. GGM Haat



I am associated here from past 1 year & it's a wonderful & knowledgeable experience,i am getting so far.

Vijay Gupta


All the services of Gladguru are best.but i found Var Vadhu the bestest & also unique in it's own ways.

Ushma Singla


Best platform to get financially stable without investing anything.

Meera Aggarwal


Well settled company & best platform to earn & grow. Most importantly, believe in yourself & your work. Company will provide you full assistance.

Dev Aggarwal


Gladguru is one of the bestest platform to earn and live a prosperous life.

Punit Garg


Agni app is the best recharge portal from where I have earned lots of bonus.

Dharamveer Singh


Best thing about Gladguru scooter is that it is on 100% cashback and also it is eco friendly.

Umesh Maheshwari


The fragrance of Agarbatti is very pleasing and it calms our soul and mind.. highly recommended.! Best platform.

Sanjeev Kumar Goria


Gladguru is a novel business idea. I'm really thankful for such a fantastic business. we all should associate with Gladguru & avail its stupendous services.



Glad means खुशियाँ & Guru means गुरु! = (खुशियों का गुरु!)

Basically GLADGURU समाज को एक साथ जोड़ने का प्रयास करता है

Data for this century is what oil was for the last century.

आपका Friendcircle ही आपका Career बना सकता है ! i.e Career=Earning

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